About us

Scientific and Research, Design and Construction Technological Institute of electrical machines (NIPTIEM)

Former Union Scientific Research Design and Technological Institute of Electrical Engineering for over 50 years has been known as leading scientific and technical center for development, research and production of low voltage induction motors up to 400kW.

Institute developed induction motors of 4A, 4AM AIR, 5A, 5AM, 6A, 7AVE series and their modifications, they are: multi speed, higher slip, for Navy vessels, for drives of compressors, electric locomotives, diesel locomotives and city electric transport, separation motors, adjustable motors, crane motors, motors resistant to aggressive environment, motors for cargo and passenger elevators, sets of gearless elevator drives and others.

Electric motors designed and manufactured by us are into operation at nuclear power plant in Finland, Cuba, Hungary, Bulgaria and majority of domestic nuclear power plants. For the last three years there have been deliveries of electric motors to the Tianwan NPP (China), Bushehr NPP (Iran), Kudankulam NPP (India).

In 2003. NIPTIEM has been certified by GOST quality management system certificate and received certificate of compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2001, No. BP 02.112.0459 - 2003 dated 26.12.2003.