About us

Key perspectives

Imports substitution

For Russian consumers we carry out the programme of imports substitution . The essence is replacement of expensive electric motors of leading world brands in different equipment to Ruselprom drives. Cost of ownership of our drives is considerably lower. Considering sufficient savings not only at the stage of purchase but also during all operation cycle, our customers successfully install our motors as drives for Russian and foreign equipment.

Outsourcing for maintenance and servicing of electrical equipment available at Ruselprom Group.

Except for traditional servicing in the forms of supervision installation works, commissioning, warranty servicing, supplies of original spare parts and technical maintenance during post warranty period, we offer you to make use of service support services right at sites of our customers. This business model creates competitive advantages in terms of servicing of current equipment, renewing old equipment, getting rid of non-core assets and creating a mechanism of losses indemnity resulted from idle time of equipment.

Government orders and programmes

As tender winners we have received a set of serious government orders for developing of marine propulsion systems for deck placement and for inner placement in civil vessels. We have been creating a system of diesel generators, propulsion motors and thruster devices.