About us

Ruselprom Engineering Center

Ruselprom Engineering Center as a part of Ruselprom Group was established in 2004. Professional specialists are working in the Center, before they worked in design department of Uralelectrotyazhmash (UETM).

Ruselprom Engineering Center consists of two divisions:

  • Division of hydrogenerators
  • Division of electrical machines

Design division of hydrogenerators

During their work at UETM specialists of hydrogenerators division were in charge of design, production management, installation supervision and commissioning works for hydro-generators of wide range of capacities and rotation speeds including hydrogenerators for small hydropower plants, hydrogenerators of medium and high power up to machines with a unit capacity of 600MW with water cooling reversible hydro-generators, motors, etc. Specialists of Ruselprom Engineering Center have experience in design of synchronous motors and hydraulic generators of various arrangements, vertical and horizontal, umbrella-type and suspended, with indirect, forced, air and water cooling, with direct water cooling of active parts with thermosetting insulation windings, with glides with PTFE coating segments, etc. Specialists of the Ruselprom Engineering Center are authors of about 100 inventions related to improvement of the construction of hydrogenerators. Inventions are protected by patents and copyright certificates.

Division of electrical machines. Design of electrical machines.

Specialists of electric machines division of Ruselprom Engineering Center have extensive experience in conducting of acceptance, qualification, periodical, typical, research testings of induction vertical and horizontal motors, synchronous horizontal and vertical motors, vertical and horizontal hydrogenerators, synchronous compensators, synchronous diesel generators, brushless exciters, DC machines for various applications, turbine generators, as factory test benches and at sites of their installation. We conducted tests at sites of large electrical machines, hydrogenerators. synchronous compensators in such countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Latvia, Sweden, Iran, Italy, Columbia, China, Morocco and others.

Ruselprom Engineering Center has a team of high skilled engineers for large electrical machines for different applications with extensive experience in development of equipment for various sectors of industries. Our experts participated in design and introduction of many kinds of electric machines:

  • for irrigation and navigation channels of Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Egypt;
  • for water supply systems and communal services of largest cities and industrial enterprises in Russia , CIS and foreign countries;
  • for facilities in the mining, gas and oil-processing industries, steel industry, shipping, rail and road transport;
  • for thermal and nuclear power plants (nuclear power plants with reactors of the RBMK-1000, 1500, VVER-1000 and BN-600 including motors as drives for main circulation pumps) and hydropower (small hydro units with a capacity of up to 15 MVA).

There are two design department specializing in the development of large electrical machines for general industrial use and for special applications such as nuclear applications what imposes certain additional requirements to design of machines as well to entire lifetime of products.

Leningrad Electric Machines Plant and Safonovo Electric Machines Plant (Safonovo, Smolensk region) conduct production of hydrogenerators and synchronous motors based upon engineering design of Ruselprom Engineering Center.

Specialists of Ruselprom Engineering Center are capable to perform the most difficult tasks for design of technical documentation for production of new hydro generators of any outputs, make design works for refurbishment of hydro generators as well as works on screening of generators in emergency situations and make programs for testing, conduct supervision installation works during capital repairs and mounting of generators.