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Leningrad Electric Machines Plant (LEZ)

Leningrad Electric Machines Plant (LEZ) was founded in 1933. It is also known as NOVAYA SILA plant in the market of electrical machines.

The plant became a part of Ruselprom Group in 2003.

Leningrad Electric Machines Plant (LEZ) produces large electrical machines, output of 100kW and higher out of wide product list of Ruselprom Group (electric motors output of 4kW to 160 000kW, generators output of 125kW to 220 000kW).

Leningrad Electric Machines Plant is located in suburbs of St. Petersburg in close proximity to the federal road routes: St. Petersburg - Moscow, St. Petersburg - Kiev, St. Petersburg - Murmansk, St. Petersburg - Vyborg.

The plant has in its territory the railway line with access to the commodity city station. It is very close to city seaport. All of these conditions make the plant convenient supplier of products to any region of Russia and abroad.

Leningrad Electric Machines Plant is a well constructed factory with well balanced infrastructure. The plant consists of four main production lines:

  • welding and stockpiling;
  • machining;
  • winding and insulation;
  • assembling and producing;

Main production lines are divided according to technological principles what allows to estimate what lacks for improvement and what directions need upgrading and investment. It makes all processes transparent and easy to control.

Leningrad Electric Machines Plant produces the following products:

  • Induction squirrel cage electric motors, output of 200kW to 5600kW;
  • Induction slip ring electric motors, output of 200kW to 5000kW;
  • Synchronous electric motors, output up to 8000kW;
  • Synchronous generators, output up to 4000kW;
  • Hydro generators for small hydro power stations, output of 100kW to 4000kW;
  • Turbine generators with air, hydrogen and water cooling, output up to 220MW;
  • Electrical equipment of drives SUZ for nuclear power plants with reactors VVER-440 and VVER-1000;
  • current collectors, ring, excavating;
  • with drive packages with frequency regulation;