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Manufacturing, scientific and technical bases of Ruselprom Group have a history of more than 50 years.

Today we manufacture more than 3000 items of products: induction and synchronous electric motors with capacity from 7.5 to 32 000kW, synchronous turbine generators with capacity up to 25 000kW, digital excitation systems, variable frequency drive, soft start systems and others.

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In order to keep ourselves in the Russian and international markets we were the first in Russian and CIS countries who developed energy efficient series of 7A general purpose induction motors according to IE2 and IE3 standards (IE1 low efficiency motors are not allowed to use in EU countries since June 16, 2011).

Works for development of new product line of motors were conducted in accordance with recommendations of international electrotechnical and ecology committees IEC, IEA and ACEEE. 7A series of motors covers a wide range of capacities starting from 1.5kW to 500kW and guarantees increase of efficiency by 2.2% in average. If we calculate energy savings for all electric motors in Russia, we will get this value at the level of 7 bln.kW/hrs per year. If we introduce such motors into operation, energy saving values for one enterprise can be 250 mln.kW/hrs a year or more than 625 bln.roubles for every 100 000 motors.

For the last two years we have introduced some innovative products like gearless elevator drive and traction equipment for hybrid systems. In particular high efficiency gearless elevator drives with higher grades of comfort with loading capacity 400-2000 kgs and speed 1-2.5 m/sec allow to save electric energy from 50 to 75%. decrease noise level and operational costs and increase reliability of elevators twice.

Economical effect received from introduction of gearless elevator drive into operation can be very important for housing and utilities sector because considerable operational resources and energy savings in the process of operation allow to decrease the costs for every 10 000 elevators for the total sum of 149 mln.roubles and service life of elevators can increase up to 25 years.

Under ecological parameters new gearless elevator drive can ensure noise reduction in elevators by 5 times what is actual especially for residential houses.

Design and production of agricultural wheeled and track laying tractors with capacities 150-500 H.P. with automatic and electromechanical transmission and electric drive of auxiliary mechanisms and hydraulic systems allow to decrease dynamic loads for all units of tractors and diesel engines, decrease wheel slip, shorten fuel consumption for a unit of works done (up to 30%). We divide our products to target segments based on categories of customers for classes of energy efficiency. More detailed information can be found in sections FOR INDUSTRIES and PRODUCTS.