About us

Ruselprom Transformer

In 2008 specialists of Ruselprom Group developed and prepared for production the whole range of modern dry transformers, smoothing and current limiting reactors.

We have prepared spaces for new production, purchased advanced equipment.

The production base is located in Smolensk region (300 km off from Moscow).

Specification of Ruselprom Transformers products

Insulation class of transformer s and reactor windings is not lowers than F.

Windings of reactors are multi layered cylindrical, made from copper wire. There are high tensile fiber plastic materials used in construction of reactors. Metal structures made of stainless steel are used for axial tie of three phase units. All reactors are three phase with vertically installed windings on support insulators of suitable voltage class.

Reactors are made without magnetic wire.

Duty type of reactors at rated current is continuous.

Duty type of RTST 6-100-0,85-U3 and RTST-6-150-0,9 V3 reactors at starting current is short: starting time is 1 minute and pause is 5 minutes;

After four starts the pause is 30 minutes min., after seven starts the pause of at least 1 hour.

Ruselprom Transformer accepts orders for design and manufacturing of transformers and reactors of all technical types and any design arrangements.